Our world is broken because we’d rather embrace illusions than face inconvenient truths

When the media starts pushing the perks of renting, you know we’re heading toward a feudal society


Margaret Atwood’s America might be a wake up call to resist our “new normal”


Journalists are giving us news and “facts” based on self-interest and groupthink


The insanely high cost of living that’s ravaged blue states is hitting the rest of America

Well-meaning white people should focus on being anticlassist, not antiracist

(Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash)

Fewer than half of all Americans trust the news they’re supposed to trust. But the media has a plan to fix that.

Photo by Rafel Rosselló

The Establishment is using technology and “wokeness” to silence anyone who threatens the System

Boston Globe/Getty Images

When emotions trigger us, it’s impossible to “hear” what anyone says or understand where they’re coming from

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Government doesn’t need to silence us. Their social media partners are doing the job for them.

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Monica Harris

Unplugged from our distorted reality. Check out my book, “Reality Bites: Insights on Bridging the American Divide.” https://tinyurl.com/realitybitesbook

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